Use case utility

Car companies are planning for increasing production of electric cars and growth in public charging infrastructure. It is only a matter of time before there will be countless electric vehicles on German roads. Thus, it is important for all parties involved not to hesitate and to seize the opportunities that electromobility brings with it. For energy suppliers, the time has long since come to secure lucrative locations and develop business models around electromobility. For example, it is possible to make a profit by offering charging stations to the public. Together with the FITS/eMobility Cloud®, it is easy to enter the field of electromobility and utilities can position themselves as innovative and environmentally friendly.


Charging infrastructure

With the help of the FITS/eMobility Cloud®, an e-charging park can be managed easily and centrally. Even the installation of charging stations or wallboxes from different manufacturers is no problem, as with the FITS/eMoC® all charging stations can be integrated centrally and independently of the manufacturer. The connection of the charging points runs via the standard protocol OCPP. The various KPIs, such as average consumption or charging times, as well as fault messages and energy quantity, are clearly displayed via dashboards. For maintenance or in case of malfunctions, the charging stations can be accessed remotely from anywhere. Charging processes can be started or stopped, and updates or configurations can be imported. In the event of an emergency, an electrician is automatically notified.

Charging infrastructure



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