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The tasks and responsibilities of the fleet manager are becoming increasingly extensive. His or her tasks include:

  • the management of the vehicle fleet,
  • mobility management,
  • the allocation, reservation and issue of vehicles,
  • monitoring the road safety of the vehicles,
  • commissioning the maintenance and repair of vehicles,
  • the monitoring of insurance policies,
  • checking driving licences as part of regular driving licence checks, and
  • the leasing or purchase and sale of vehicles.

The FITS/eMobility Cloud® is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) for the fleet manager. It does not need to be installed and is ready to go in a short time. It provides the answer to the question: how do I digitalise my fleet?

In the future, the share of e-vehicles in the fleet will continue to increase. Therefore, the provision of e-charging options will also play an increasingly important role in fleet management.

In companies, parking space management will become an important task. Here, too, the FITS/eMobility Cloud® can help.


Fleet management

The digitalisation of fleet management enables the efficient control of the fleet. In addition to internal combustion vehicles, the share of electric vehicles in fleets will continue to increase. For both internal combustion and electric vehicles, the tasks are largely similar, such as

  • monitoring the roadworthiness of the vehicles
  • the commissioning of vehicle maintenance and repair,
  • the monitoring of insurance policies.


With the FITS/eMobility Cloud® you can completely digitalise your fleet. The tasks can be processed within the FITS/eMoC®. By using the Connected Car solutions, necessary repairs, maintenance or even smaller tasks (such as checking tyre pressure) can be identified in real time and ordered directly from the FITS/eMobility Cloud®. Our dashboards show you usage and fault statistics and inform you about them as required.

Fleet management

E-charging infrastructure

The number of electric vehicles will increase significantly in the future. When issuing vehicles, the fleet manager wants to issue only charged electric vehicles or must ensure that the user receives a vehicle with sufficient range.

Thus, the provision and operation of one's own e-charging infrastructure will become increasingly important. The e-charging infrastructure must also be checked regularly. In addition, there may be disruptions from time to time.

The FITS/eMobility Cloud® provides all the necessary functions for this. The e-charging infrastructure can be centrally maintained and also analysed. Due to the high level of integration in the "Fleet Management" module, an overview of the charging status of the vehicles can also be obtained when using "Connected Car". In addition, charging prioritisation can be defined and more efficient charging can be ensured with the live data of the vehicles.

By using our "Corporate Carsharing Portal", employees can reserve vehicles themselves and specify the requirements (route, duration). The FITS/eMobility Cloud® takes this data into account when calculating the charging priorities.

To ensure that a parking space with an e-charging point is available for the electric vehicles, the parking space management can be used with the reservation function. With the mobile app, the user can safely reserve a parking space with an e-charging point.

The FITS/eMobility Cloud® provides everything in one solution:

Parking management

The growing number of vehicles in conurbations and the scarcity of parking space require a rethink of parking management. The digitalisation of parking spaces can make parking management more efficient.

The FITS/eMobility Cloud® enables more efficient parking management. With the increasing demand for electric mobility, parking spaces with e-charging infrastructure must also be efficiently allocated to the user so that they can be operated economically.

The FITS/eMobility Cloud® provides the functions in one solution:



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