Professional fleet management with Connected Car

The "Fleet Management" module is a fully comprehensive, cloud-based software for managing the vehicles in your fleet. The life cycle of the vehicles is mapped in the FITS/eMobility Cloud®. Vehicle-related documents such as registration certificates, fuel certificates, regulatory offences and many more can be managed. Whether combustion engines, hybrids or electric vehicles - all vehicles as well as trailers and containers can be managed with the FITS/eMoC®.

With our Connected Car and Telematics solution, you receive up-to-date status and movement data from your vehicles at all times. The "Digital Twin" of the vehicles can thus be evaluated at any time and further measures can be derived so that the readiness to drive and the use of the vehicles can be guaranteed at all times.

The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) approach enables your innovative fleet management to be rolled out worldwide within a few days. The integration into  the business processes of SAP® -ERP and SAP® -S/4HANA can optionally be done via SAP standard (the FITS/eMoC® is based on SAP technology) but is not mandatory.


FITS.TV - Demo of the FITS/eMobility Cloud®

Fleet management

Maintain the vehicles, trailers and containers in your fleet in the FITS/eMobility Cloud® . Relevant master and movement data can be created and enriched with Connected Car data (live data). Important: The FITS/eMobility Cloud® can not only be used for electric vehicles, internal combustion vehicles can also be managed with our solutions.

Document management

The documents relating to your vehicles, trailers and containers can be managed in the document management of the "Fleet Management" module of the FITS/eMobility Cloud®. Store all necessary documents such as contracts, damage reports or receipts for your vehicle in the FITS/eMoC® portal. This gives you central access to all documents relating to the selected vehicle.

Connected Car

As a partner of various manufacturers (OEMs), we provide you with the data of your vehicles via standard interfaces. For example, fault and maintenance messages from the vehicles can be displayed in the management portal and follow-up processes can be started. Get an overview of the current locations of the vehicles. In addition, track the distances and routes travelled. Identify vehicles that are not in use.

Contract and leasing management

Contract and lease management helps you make the most of your vehicles without incurring additional costs. Monitor vehicle contract details, such as leasing or insurance contracts, in real time and receive early notifications when there is a risk of extra kilometres to avoid high costs. Keep the costs of your fleet as low as originally planned and calculated.

Fuel and charging cards/data

Manage the fuel and charging cards/data in the FITS/eMobility Cloud® . The fuel and charging data can be imported into the "fleet management", assigned to the vehicle and evaluated.

Administrative offences

Administrative offences can also be managed in the FITS/eMobility Cloud®. The reporting of offenders (drivers) by e-mail to the relevant authorities is easily possible from the FITS/eMobility Cloud®.


Damage and repair mgmt

Damage can be recorded and released for repair. You can optimise your processes through the automatic generation of repair orders. The integration in Connected Car even enables fully automated processes by creating operations in the event of faults or indicated maintenance.

Predictive Maintenance

Avoidance of high costs through intelligent, forward-looking planning and maintenance of vehicles by means of a central task list. Integration of data and processes into existing maintenance processes in the SAP system.



Dashboard for displaying important KPIs  and monitoring the entire fleet in terms of vehicle conditions, consumption data and much more. Filtering according to specific vehicle groups or locations.

Integration in SAP® -ERP and SAP® -S/HANA

The integration in SAP® -ERP and SAP® -S/HANA enables, for example, the use of equipment data and their maintenance and procurement processes. The advantage: As SAP® -ERP and SAP® -S/HANA, you do not maintain the data in two systems and use existing business processes.

Access and authorisation management

In the FITS/eMobility Cloud®, accesses can be created locally and assigned appropriate roles. Integration in Active Directory is also possible and uses the company's existing login accounts.

Reporting and dashboards

The most important key figures are part of the FITS/eMobility Cloud® . We also offer a solution to create individual dashboards and evaluations.


Vehicle file


Our offer - FITS/eMobility Cloud®

Deployment of the cloud solution

Our offer - FITS/eMobility Cloud® can be made available within a few days. No installation on your side is necessary.


Connected Car data

As a reseller, we can make the data services of our partners directly available to you with the purchase of the FITS/eMobility Cloud®. We can currently offer you the following variants:

  • Mercedes Benz:
    • Directly from the vehicles of the manufacturer Mercedes / Daimler (year of manufacture decisive) and by means of installation box also for all other manufacturers
  • AutoAid:
    • Via OBD-2Dongle - manufacturer-independent, globally applicable and also suitable for electric vehicles


Vehicle master and specification data

Vehicle master and specification data directly from the FITS/eMobility Cloud® from

  • DAT,
  • Schwacke
  • JATO

can be retrieved via the VINs of the vehicles.


Fuel and charging cards/data

We integrate the DKV fuel and charging cards/data.