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Company cars are a permanent feature in companies. In addition, electric vehicles have long been suitable for everyday use in company fleets and open up new possibilities for an efficient and cost-effective fleet. Especially due to the premiums and benefits/subsidies currently associated with the purchase of an electric vehicle.

Corporate mobility is a major challenge that requires good organisation and management. The larger the fleet, the more important it is to coordinate it. This is where FITS/eMoC® helps as a software solution for cost-efficient organisation and control.

The use of electric vehicles in the company fleet presents the image of an environmentally conscious company to the outside world. After all, electric cars are considered sustainable, exclusive and innovative and are often perceived more consciously in everyday life than classic combustion vehicles. The electric charging stations in the company car park are also a visible "flagship" for innovation and sustainability and support the image to the outside world. The investment in the electrification of the company fleet and charging infrastructure can quickly pay off in comparison to the lower maintenance costs of electric vehicles (e.g. no oil changes, fewer wearing parts etc.). E-vehicles can thus be more economical than combustion engines in terms of total cost of ownership (TCO). Not only large companies benefit from electrification, even the investment in just one electric vehicle usually pays off. By providing e-charging stations, employees are given the opportunity to charge their vehicles while at work. This also increases the attractiveness of the company as an employer.

Managing the vehicle fleet: The FITS/eMobility Cloud® relieves and supports through the following potentials:

  • Fleet management
  • Charging infrastructure
  • Corporate Carsharing
  • Driving licence management
  • Smart parking and parking space management

Fleet management

Fleet management enables the maintenance of vehicles, trailers and containers in the company fleet. Relevant master data can be created and enriched with Connected Car data (dynamic real-time data). Documents relating to the vehicles, such as contracts, damage reports or receipts can be saved in the module's document management. This gives the fleet manager central access to all documents relating to a vehicle. The contract and leasing management helps to use the vehicles optimally without causing additional costs. Other tasks that the fleet manager can easily manage with the help of the FITS/eMobility Cloud® include

  • monitoring the road safety of the vehicles
  • the commissioning of vehicle maintenance and repair,
  • the monitoring of insurance policies.

The fleet can be fully digitalised through the FITS/eMoC®. Dashboards display usage and fault statistics  and thus provide an overview of the current status of the fleet. Through the automation of processes, direct processing, without many employees having to carry out activities manually, there are no longer many people involved in the process. All processes and procedures in fleet management can be triggered easily and quickly by one person via the FITS/eMoC®.

Fleet management

Charging infrastructure

With FITS/eMoC® you get a management platform for your e-charging park. The software enables the monitoring and remote maintenance of the e-charging stations, including the connection of e-charging points from different manufacturers. The charging processes can be billed via digital payment (credit card, Apple Pay, PayPal, etc.) or contract-based with RFID charging card (including own RFID card, third-party charging card (roaming)). Fault messages for individual charging stations can be recorded with the mobile end device and initial maintenance can be carried out by remote command. Automated notifications can be used to inform electricians directly in emergencies. Companies also have the option of making the charging stations available to the public outside of regular working hours. In this way, money can be earned by offering the charging infrastructure as soon as the company's own employees have left the company car park for the end of the working day.

Charging infrastructure

Corporate Carsharing

With the Corporate Carsharing module, FITS/eMoC® offers companies a solution for the efficient management of their vehicle pool. The utilisation of the vehicle fleet is optimised and leads to a reduction in fleet costs. The management platform of the FITS/eMobility Cloud® identifies vehicles with low utilisation and the fleet manager can then release them for corporate Carsharing. In the reservation portal or via the user app, employees can then book the available vehicles in the vicinity, manage their reservations and thus organise their mobility themselves. Employees simply open and start the vehicle via the FITS/eMoC® user app using keyless technology.

Corporate Carsharing

Driving licence management

With the driving licence management module, all driving licences within the company can be managed digitally. The driving licences are fully digitised and can thus be checked according to legal requirements. In addition, the individual employees are notified in good time and automatically as soon as they have to show their driving licence to the fleet manager again. The driving licence management module of the FITS/eMobility Cloud® thus contributes to reducing the workload of the fleet manager. The fleet manager can manage all driving licences centrally in digitalised form.

Driving licence management

Smart parking and parking space management

With the help of intelligent parking sensors, your own parking space can be optimally monitored and controlled. In the FITS/eMoC® portal, for example, parking spaces with charging stations can be monitored - with automatic notification as soon as a combustion engine blocks a parking space with a charging station. Users can conveniently reserve parking spaces with or without charging stations for a certain period of time in advance via the user app. Access to a specific parking space or charging station is then only granted to authorised vehicles. With the help of the portal, notifications can also be sent directly to the public order office in the event of unauthorised vehicles in parking spaces.

Smart Parking



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