Hotel and gastronomy use case

The size of the vehicle fleets of hotels and restaurateurs is often manageable, but intelligent fleet management can still save a lot of money. Above all, however, there is potential in parking space management in the car parks of hotels and restaurants and the expansion of the e-charging infrastructure. In the coming years, more and more electric vehicles will be on the roads. This will make it increasingly worthwhile to equip one's own car park with an e-charging infrastructure in order to provide an additional offer for customers and to advance the mobility revolution. This opens up the guest segment of electric car drivers who are looking for a way to charge their vehicle. Guests can then relax and charge during their stay - more customer loyalty is hardly possible.

Fast-charging solutions are recommended for restaurants. In addition, by offering electric charging stations in your own hotel or restaurant car park, you create an external awareness of sustainability and the environment. FITS/eMoC® supports you in parking space management and the administration of the e-charging infrastructure.


Parking management

With the help of intelligent parking sensors, your own or a public parking space can be optimally monitored and controlled. In the FITS/eMoC® portal, for example, parking spaces with charging stations can be monitored - with automatic notification as soon as a combustion engine blocks a parking space with a charging station and optimised utilisation.

Users can conveniently reserve parking spaces with or without charging stations for a certain period of time in advance via the user app. Access to a specific parking space or charging station is then only granted to authorised vehicles. Billing is automated or ad-hoc in the user app. With the help of the portal, notifications can also be sent directly to the public order office in the event of unauthorised vehicles in parking spaces.

E-charging infrastructure

With FITS/eMoC® you get a management platform for your e-charging park. The software enables the monitoring and remote maintenance of the e-charging stations, including the connection of e-charging points from different manufacturers. The charging processes can be billed via direct payment. On the other hand, hotels can also offer their guests an additional service and let them park and charge free of charge. In the event of operationally critical fault messages for individual charging stations, electricians can be informed directly and automatically by means of automated notifications, so that the owners of the charging station do not have to deal with the fault messages manually.

This way, you can maximise the utilisation of your charging stations and offer your customers favourable conditions. With the FITS/eMoC® you keep everything in view through real-time data, avoid costs through optimal energy management, scalable and independent of manufacturers.

E-charging infrastructure



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