Use case real estate operator

As an operator of multi-storey car parks, car parks or parking spaces, it makes perfect sense to make them a focal point for electric vehicles. After all, the number of electric vehicles will continue to increase in the future. In addition, property operators can offer tenants the opportunity to charge their electric vehicles in their own parking space or in the underground car park. In both cases, the FITS/eMobility Cloud® helps with the management of the charging infrastructure and load management. The use of FITS/eMoC® enables parking space monitoring, with which, for example, all parking spaces in an underground car park can be monitored and made available to different customer groups, such as short-term or long-term parkers. The integration through Payone and the FITS/eMoC® User App allows ticketless reservations to be accepted and paid for.

Charging infrastructure

With the help of load management, parking and charging times can be prioritised, making optimal use of the infrastructure. Load management leads to an optimal utilisation of the charging stations and thus reduces electricity costs. The various KPIs, such as average consumption or charging times, as well as fault messages and energy quantity, are clearly displayed via dashboards. For maintenance or in the event of malfunctions, the charging stations can be accessed remotely from anywhere. Charging processes can be started or stopped, and updates or configurations can be imported. In emergencies, an electrician is automatically notified.

E-charging stations from different manufacturers can be connected via the FITS/eMoC® and centrally managed and controlled in a portal. This makes it possible to charge several electric cars at the same time without any problems. Access to the e-charging stations can be gained in various ways:

  • RFID charging card or tag
  • Third-party charging card (roaming)
  • QR code

The various user groups can be authorised and blocked via the FITS/eMoC® administration portal. Charging transactions can be settled via digital payment (credit card, Apple Pay, PayPal etc.) or contract-based with an RFID charging card (e.g. own RFID card, third-party charging card (roaming)).

Charging infrastructure

Smart parking and parking space management

By means of intelligent parking sensors, the entire parking area can be monitored and  optimised in terms of utilisation. The FITS/eMobility Cloud® portal shows all parking spaces with charging stations and automatically notifies as soon as a combustion engine blocks a parking space with a charging station. Certain parking spaces can only be released for authorised vehicles. With the help of the portal, notifications can be sent directly to the public order office in the event of unauthorised vehicles in parking spaces. Users can conveniently make reservations for parking spaces or charging stations via the user app. The billing of reservation or charging processes is also carried out automatically or by ad-hoc payment via the user app.

Smart Parking



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